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Before you start a project (tiltak) at your property (eigedom/eiendom), make sure it is in accordance with the planning and building act (plan- og bygningsloven - pbl), regulations (bestemmelsar) and zoning (plankart).


The planning and building act (PBL)   ►

Regulations relating to building applications (SAK 10)   ►

Regulations on technical requirements for building works (TEK 10)   ►


► In PBL § 20-1 are listed projects that require an application (søknad) and permission (tillatelse). See also chapter 2 in SAK 10.

► In PBL § 20-2 you find a listing of projects that  require application and permission, and may be managed by the developer (tiltakshaver). See chapter 3 in SAK 10.

► Projects that do not require application and permission are listed in PBL § 20-3. See chapter 4 in SAK 10.


Zoning map and regulations for an area can be found here:      WebInnsyn   ►

Search by address and click in the map inside the selection. You should be able to open all relevant documents (in Norwegian) by the links in the new window.


All application forms are available here   ►      (in Norwegian only)

Information that shall be disclosed in applications for permission for projects are found in § 5-4 in SAK 10.